Nytt varumärke – R.L. Winston

We are extremely happy and proud that we can now also offer fly rods from such an ancient and fantastic rod manufacturer R.L. Winston.

A Winston fly rod has luxurious quality, an exclusive finish, perfectly lined rings, a well-shaped handle and a reel seat of the finest components. When you fish with a Winston fly rod, you experience superior performance – well-balanced and ultra-light. All fly rods are carefully built by hand in Montana USA and to assure you of the best possible craftsmanship, Winston offers a lifetime warranty on its fly rods.

Behind each new rod series, hundreds of prototype blades are produced, tested and stressed. Then to be evaluated if they have what it takes to be the best in their field, and if the characteristic "Winston feel" is present in the fly rod to make itself worthy of a Winston logo.

Scoop the fly fishing equipment from Winston.
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