Presenterar: Scott Swing DH - Ny serie av spön!

While Scott is no stranger to any angler in Scandinavia or Europe, their precense on the market have in our opinion been mainly oriented around phenomenal single-handed rods. When Norwegian based distributor Fly Fish Europe' begun working with Scott their line of rods consisted of now modern classics such as S4S (saltwater) S4 (fresh) A4 (mid price) etc on their single handed range, and a year later or so the award winning "Radian".

In the double handed range they introduced the T3H as their flagship series and had the L2H as their mid-price rod, and sometime later the Radian DH, which I believe initially was sold only in Europe. 

There was some hype, and the rods were fine, I tried a couple of rods in each series and owned a T3H 11' #8 but it seemed to me they could never make the same mark on the European market as Sage or G. Loomis did. 

Perhaps this is because the market for double handed rods and switch rods is much smaller or perhaps because of Sage and G. Loomis long and strong precense. The ones I knew of who owned a T3h or Radian DH was very happy with them.

The introduction of Scott’s new series called "swing" is something we really look forward to. The new Swing series consists of 12 different models from 11,8' #4 to a "big gun" rod which is 16,1' #10, and everything in between.

Scott themselves describes these rods, their action and technologies used as follows:
"Swing rods feature progressive loading actions, fast recovery speed, directional stability, and a light in hand feel, from combining finely tuned new tapers with our multi-directional, multi-modulus layups, ARC2 reinforcement, Carbon Link resin system, and the very finest components."

Scottt Swing

Scott labels the action as a "Medium Fast" with a "Faster" recovery speed, which should suit most anglers in most conditions whether you swing for steelhead  using a sustained anchor casting style, aka: Skagit, a traditional full spey line or a "touch and go" scandi/underhand style of cast. The Medium Fast action is in my opinion the most useful one, so this should be good.

As someone who have enjoyed both new and old Scott single handed rods and double handed, I truly look forward to this new treat from Scott.

/ Martin Karlsson

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